Merax Vibration Massage & Heat Comfort Inversion Table


Perhaps one of the most advanced inversion table solutions available on the market today, when you choose to take advantage of everything that the Merax Vibration Massage and Heat Inversion Table brings to the table (no pun intended) you’re not only going to be able to enjoy immediate back relief from the inversion therapy process itself but you’ll also be able to enjoy a heated massage while inverting as well.

It really doesn’t get much better than that!

This is a tremendously advanced piece of hardware, and inversion table that is going to help you readjust, realign, and reinvigorate your overall back health in a way that you might not have been able to otherwise. This is a game changing new solution in the world of inversion therapy, which helps to explain why it has become one of the most singularly popular devices of its kind available on the market right now.

Build Quality

As far as Merax Vibration Massage & Heat Comfort Inversion Tablebuild quality is concerned, the Merax inversion table “borrows” all of the great elements of all of the other amazing inversion tables on the market today – the tubular high density steel, the aluminum alloy mechanisms, the memory foam features, and so much more – while also adding a next-generation personal heat and massage solution built right into the backrest itself.

All of these elements come together to produce as high quality an inversion table as you are likely to find on the market today, all backed up by a three-year warranty that is going to protect you and your investment moving forward.

There are plenty of other inversion tables on the market today that are built as well as the Merax, but not too many that are built better!


As far as Merax Vibration Massage & Heat Comfort Inversion Tablecapacity is concerned, the tubular steel construction of the Merax inversion table allows this unit to accommodate individuals up to 300 pounds in weight. On top of that, anyone between the heights of 4’10” and 6’6” will be able to comfortably utilize the Merax inversion table without feeling as though they are in some way physically unable to use this device safely and securely.

All of the different construction elements that have gone into the Merax allow it to provide a safe, secure, and very stable platform that isn’t going to shake, isn’t going to wiggle, and isn’t going to come apart at the seams (so to speak) as you utilize it intelligently. This is a rock solid platform from which you’ll be able to take advantage of inversion therapy and heated massage sessions.

Ankle Support

Unlike Merax Vibration Massage & Heat Comfort Inversion Tablesome of the other inversion table options available right now, the Merax vibration massage and heat inversion table makes use of a manual “ankle locking system” that allows you to slide your feet into and out of the mechanism as you like, without ever feeling tied down or constricted to the actual inversion table platform itself.

This is an ankle support system that a lot of people appreciate, especially those that just don’t feel comfortable strapping themselves to a mechanism. It’s not exactly a feeling of claustrophobia that they are uncomfortable with, but there’s something about strapping yourself to an ankle support system while suspended upside down that some folks just don’t go crazy for.

Those feelings aren’t ever going to be a problem when you take advantage of the Merax inversion table and it’s manual ankle support system!


The inversion Merax Vibration Massage & Heat Comfort Inversion Tablesystem that is a big part of the Merax platform is as rock-solid and as dependable as you would expect to find with any quality inversion table, but the big feature that separates this platform from the rest of the pack has to be the vibrating massage mechanism and the heating elements that are built right into the inversion platform itself.

Nothing beats rocking yourself gently backwards to anywhere between completely vertical and 180° upside down while enjoying a heated gentle massage at the exact same time. You’ll be able to melt away stress, pressure, frustration, and tension throughout your back and your spine, giving your body the rest, relief, and relaxation that it deserves.


So many inversion tables on the market today offer quality inversion solutions, but there aren’t too many that combine inversion therapy with heat and massage as successfully as the Merax does.

This is a game changing new solution in the world of inversion therapy, and it’s easy to see why so many people are so excited about everything that it has to offer!