Ironman Gravity 4000 Inversion Table

Ironman Gravity 4000

Ironman Gravity 4000

Design & Build Quality

10.0 /10

Weight Capacity & Height Range

9.5 /10


9.5 /10


10.0 /10


  • Extra wide frame help to make it safer to use
  • Supports up to 350 lbs weight capacity
  • Extended backrest with lumbar pillow
  • Extra long safety handles
  • Tough rubber non-skid floor stabilizers


  • Wide frame makes it a large piece of equipment even after folding for storage


A rocksolid inversion table that Ironman Gravity 4000will allow you to alleviate a tremendous amount of stress, pressure, and pain stemming from any back issues or back injuries, the Ironman Gravity 4000 inversion table is a smartly designed system that utilizes space-age construction materials and innovative new engineering to help you take full advantage of inversion physical therapy.

While perhaps not as feature-rich as some of the other options available on the market today, this manual inversion table is still able to produce fantastic results at a fraction of the price that fully automated and motorized inversion tables command.

By the time you’re done with this quick review, you’ll be able to understand exactly why so many people take full advantage of this inversion table when they have the opportunity to do so!

Build Quality

Right out of the gate, Ironman Gravity 4000 Inversion Tableyou’re going to be able to see just how smart and intelligent the overall design and engineering of the Gravity 4000 really is.

Tubular steel, aluminum, and alloy metals make up the overwhelming majority of this platform, allowing it to maintain a sky high strength to weight ratio. As you learn in just a moment, the capacity of the Ironman Gravity 4000 is amongst the best in the industry, but the entire platform itself only weighs in at about 70 pounds or so.

On top of that, the security features that keep you safe while inverting are some of the best in the business as are the hinges and the actual inversion mechanism itself. The back padding is incredibly comfortable and akin to memory foam like you’ll find it most of the popular mattresses out there on the market today, cradling your body while allowing you to alleviate any of the pain that you are dealing with during your inversion.


As briefly touched upon above, the Gravity 4000 inversion table offers some of the highest capacity in the inversion table industry.

Anyone between the heights of 4’10” tall and 6’6” tall will be able to utilize this inversion table, and rather than the “industry-standard” weight capacity of 300 pounds the Gravity 4000 offers a weight capacity of 350 pounds – giving almost everyone the opportunity to enjoy all of the relief available from inversion therapy in the first price.

Again, this all goes back to the high-end construction materials and smart design and engineering behind this inversion table that makes for this fantastic level of capacity available in the first place.

Ankle Support

The ankle support Ironman Gravity 4000 Inversion Tablein security system that comes with the Ironman Gravity 4000 has to be amongst the best in the industry. It is a patented ratchet ankle strap system that will accommodate anyone and everyone regardless of their specific physical features, giving you the kind of stability and security you are inevitably going to be looking for when you are to be hanging upside down while strapped to this device.

The ankle support is comfortable, doesn’t involve any strap on skin materials, and guarantees that you are going to be able to stay securely attached to the inversion table even while completely vertical. As always, you’ll be able to adjust yourself to your specific level of comfort and security desire, and getting into and out of the inversion table isn’t going to be challenging, either.


The actual inversion mechanismIronman Gravity 4000 Inversion Table featured in the Ironman Gravity 4000 allows you to invert your body completely up to 180° vertical, even if you are at the maximum capacity of 6’6” tall. This is one of the best inversion systems you’re going to find, super smooth and effortless on both the downward angle as well as when it comes time to return yourself back to your upright position.

You’ll also have the opportunity to take advantage of smart locking positions that allow you to use the tether strap to stop your inversion anywhere along the full spectrum. This gives you the opportunity to really dial in the kind of inversion that you are most interested, depending upon the kind of therapy that you are after in the first place.


When you get right down to it, the Ironman Gravity 4000 inversion table has to be considered a the best buy inversion tables available for sale today.

Utilizing intelligent engineering, manufactured out of high quality components throughout, and offering a relatively compact and easy to store footprint while still allowing for 180° inversion along the way, this is a fantastic choice!