Invertio Inversion Table


Simple, straightforward really about is easy to use an inversion table as exists today, the Invertio inversion table is one of the best built and exceptionally crafted inversion tables available for sale right now – and still carries a relatively inexpensive price tag to boot.

Manufactured utilizing only the highest and construction materials while taking advantage of innovations really pioneered by the company behind the Invertio, this is a fully adjustable, comfortable, and easy to use inversion table that will transform your life and your well-being for years and years to come.

Check out the rest of this quick Invertio inversion table review to learn more about how this inversion table can help you eliminate back pain once and for all!

Build Quality

The very Invertio Inversion Table Back Stretching Machinefirst thing you are going to notice about this inversion table is the fact that it makes use of heavy-duty 1 ¼ inch tubular steel throughout the entire frame of the unit, as well as the majority of the actual inversion platform itself.

The use of this heavy-duty construction material provides for a rocksteady and super stable platform that isn’t going to shake, isn’t going to wobble, and is always going to be braced no matter what. But because it is tubular steel, you aren’t going to be having to worry about lugging around and extra heavy inversion table, either. The strength to weight ratio is off the charts, making this an easy to store inversion table without sacrificing any stability along the way.


As far as capacity is concerned, the Invertio inversion table has been designed to accommodate anyone from between 5’1” tall and 6’6” tall and can also support anyone weighing up to 300 pounds without any difficulty whatsoever.

Like most modern inversion table options available on the market right now, this table can be infinitely adjusted to fit the individual user. This allows you to really customize the way that the inversion table works for you, dialing in the different settings to provide you with the kind of secure, stable, and reliable inversion platform you are after in the first place.

That tubular steel construction we mentioned above keeps you completely safe and secure while inverted, and you won’t have to worry about this unit falling apart anytime soon, either. It’s definitely built for the long haul.

Ankle Support

The manual ankle support systemInvertio Inversion Table Back Stretching Machine that comments included with the Invertio inversion table platform allows you to adjust the tension that will be placed on your ankles, giving you the ability to really dial in the safety and security that you’re able to enjoy while inverted without causing you any extra tension or pain along the way.

This kind of system also gives you a lot of extra freedom that you aren’t going to get out of the ankle lock systems that strapped you to the platform, a feeling that some people just aren’t comfortable – especially when they are hanging upside down or extended amounts of time.

The ankle lock system keeps you safe, secure, and in complete control of the Invertio while also giving you the opportunity to get into and out of this system without any difficulty at all.


The actualInvertio Inversion Table inversion mechanism and action of the Invertio inversion table is buttery smooth, allowing you to go from standing up at a gentle decline to 100% inverted and completely vertical with a number of different blocking stops in between if you choose to take advantage of the locking mechanism contained within the system.

The system will gently rock you backwards as you invert at a controlled pace (it is a manual inversion mechanism, after all), and you’ll be able to gently return yourself back to standing up right when you’re done with your inversion therapy session as well.

You are always in control of the inversion with the Invertio platform.


With so many different inversion table options available for sale today, it can be a little bit challenging to find the perfect one for your specific needs.

Thankfully, the Invertio inversion table really sets itself apart from the rest of the pack with its premium features, premium construction materials, and premium results without the premium price tag associated with inversion tables of this caliber. You really can’t go wrong investing in this technology!