Health Mark Pro Max Inversion Therapy Table


Certainly one of the most expensive inversion table options available on the market right now, this solution – the Health Mark Pro Max Inversion Table – is also one of the most technologically advanced, one of the most well designed and engineered, and probably the most well-thought-out of all the different inversion table options available for sale today.Health Mark Pro Max

Absolutely everything (and we mean EVERYTHING) about this inversion table is top-notch, top-tier, and of the highest quality across the board. This is in inversion table that treats inversion therapy very, very seriously, and will make sure that you are able to enjoy the kind of almost instant relief – and almost permanent relief – that you are looking for with this therapy just as soon as humanly possible.

Sure, the Health Mark Pro Max will set you back a pretty penny compared to some of the other more budget focused options out there. But it also stands one of the best chances of giving you the kind of quality of life you have been searching for through inversion therapy in the first place.

Build Quality

As we covered above, everything about the Health Mark Pro Max is high quality, and we really mean that.Health Mark Pro Max Inversion Therapy Table

Not only does this particular unit take full advantage of high strength tubular steel throughout, but it also makes the most of them alloy components, high density plastic components, and other space-age materials that allow it to offer almost double the capacity that other inversion table options on the market provide (something we will touch on in just a moment).

Suffice to say, if you were to take advantage of inversion therapy solutions at a doctor’s office or in a medical clinic somewhere THIS is the kind of inversion table that you are most likely to be using.

The high quality components also make utilizing the Pro Max Inversion Table about as easy as can be as well. You won’t have to fight a system that seems designed to frustrate you when all you’re looking to do is gently rock backwards and get the inversion therapy that you are looking for in the first place.


Unlike most of the other inversion table options available for sale on the market right now, the Pro Max Inversion Table does not have a 300 pound weight limit – but instead has a 600 pound weight limit, guaranteeing that everyone has the opportunity to take full advantage of everything that inversion therapy has to offer, no matter what.

On top of that, 25 individual height settings allow this inversion table to work perfectly for anyone to the height of 6’6” tall. This is two extra inches of height compared to most of the other traditional inversion table offerings, and for those that are definitely on the big and tall side of things this extra capacity is going to be very appreciated.

Ankle Support

As far as ankle supportHealth Mark Pro Max Inversion Table Ankle Support is concerned, the Health Mark Pro Max utilizes a relatively new and very inventive approach to ankle locking mechanisms that are half manual, half ratchet strap and give you all the security and confidence you are looking for – and that you deserve – without ever forcing you to feel as though you are both confined or restrained during the inversion process.

Conceived of, engineered, and designed to provide you with “self adjusting brackets”, these ankle locks and ankle support systems are going to keep you safe and secure while going through inversion therapy without ever feeling as though you are trapped at the same time.


Speaking of the actual inversion process, you’ll find the inversion action to be incredibly smooth, safe, and reliable, but you also find numerous inversion angle stops along the way that you can take advantage of to get exactly the kind of inversion therapy you are after in the first place.

Rather than forcing you to manually hold yourself at a particular angle during inversion therapy if you don’t want to go completely upside down, this inversion table has a number of different “locked positions” that you can set ahead of time or lock into as you roll backwards to get the exact angle of inversion you want.

It doesn’t get much better than that!


At the end of the day, the Health Mark Pro Max Inversion Table has to be one of the most impressive and complete inversion table solutions you’ll find available for sale right now.

It is a bit more expensive than the more traditional options available on the market, but most agree that it is worth absolutely every penny thanks to the relief that it provides those that are struggling with back pain on a day to day basis.