Exerpeutic Inversion Table


While not quite as “feature-rich” as some of the other inversion tables available on the market today, the Exerpeutic inversion table is stillExerpeutic Inversion Table a very high quality solution designed for extreme capacity and providing individuals with the inversion therapy that they are looking for to relieve back pain and improve the overall quality of their lives.

Made out of high quality materials and using intelligent design features, this system is a manual inversion table that allows for easy and effortless adjustment as well as a quick return back to a right after the inversion therapy session has concluded.

Relatively affordable, though not the least expensive inversion table on the market today, the Exerpeutic inversion table has everything that you’re looking for in inversion table without any of the shortcomings or drawbacks of some of the more bare bone options on the market right now.

Build Quality

Taking advantage Exerpeutic Inversion Tableof heavy-duty 1.5 in. steel components, this is one of the strongest inversion tables available for sale right now and can effortlessly accommodate individuals that way upwards of 300 pounds without any trouble at all.

Because the steel components used throughout the construction of the Exerpeutic are square tubular steel components, the overall weight of this inversion table is kept low, too. This is a huge advantage, as individuals are going to be able to fold up this inversion table for compact storage and maneuver it around their homes without any headache or hassle whatsoever.

While accommodating everyone up to 300 pounds, the Exerpeutic inversion table itself only weighs in at about 54 pounds – providing for a tremendous strength to weight ratio.


As we highlighted above, this particular inversion table offers a fantastic level of capacity thanks to its super strong steel frame construction, it’s well made and intelligently designed back rest, it’s smart ankle lock system, and the infinitely adjustable platform that allows anyone between the height of 4’10” and 6’6” to use this inversion table comfortably.

The capacity of this particular platform is right up there near the highest capacity in the industry, allowing for a lot of flexibility, a lot of adaptability, and a lot of functionality that other budget solutions just cannot provide. You won’t ever feel like you are held back by the Exerpeutic inversion table, that’s for sure.

Ankle Support

The ankle supportExerpeutic Inversion Table with Comfort Foam Backrest system in this inversion table is a manual ankle support locking system, utilizing foam rollers and ankle cushions that allow you to control whether or not you are “locked in” to the system or not. This is a much more intelligent system than strapping yourself to the table physically, providing you with a lot of freedom of motion and a lot of “wiggle room” and safety that you just aren’t going to get from an inversion table that forces you to constrict yourself to the platform deck.

That being said, the manual ankle locking support system doesn’t sacrifice security at all. You’ll be able to adjust all components of the ankle locking system to guarantee that you are completely safe and completely secure while you invert yourself. The design and engineering here is top-notch and something that you are really going to appreciate.


At the end of the day, your purchasing the Exerpeutic inversion table to actually invert yourself and take advantage of all of the physical therapy benefits that this solution provides.

Utilizing the built-in tether strap position system, you’ll be able to invert yourself up to 180° vertical or stop anywhere along the way depending upon the amount of tension and the positioning that you put your tether strap in. This inversion system is simple, straightforward, and rather elegant in its utility, and makes for a very easy to use kind of system compared to some of the other options on the market right now.


All things considered, you’ll find that the Exerpeutic inversion table has all of the standout features most folks are looking for in a relatively affordable and inexpensive inversion table without any of the drawbacks that some of the lower-priced options inevitably bring to the table as companies cut corners and cut costs.

Strong, durable, portable, and affordable, the Exerpeutic inversion table is consistently one of the most popular inversion tables available for sale, and hopefully this quick review has showed you exactly why that is!